The Southern Counties Farming & Machinery Show will host a number of seminars on 15 November on topics relevant to farmers and farming today in the South.

The topics for this year’s seminars are:

09.30-10.30: Red Diesel Rules, Load Security and Road Transport


Jill Hewitt is CEO of the National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC)

Mike Sumner, Specialist Road Transport Advisor

11.00-12.00: Grain marketing post-CAP

Cecilia Pryce, Head of Research, Shipping and Compliance at Openfield will talk about arable grain marketing in the UK’s post-CAP era and then take your questions. Topics will include information about what UK growers are doing differently today to mitigate their grain marketing risks in response to fast changing global landscapes.


Cecilia Pryce, Head of Research, Shipping and Compliance at Openfield

Richard Williamson, Executive Chairman of Trinity Grain

12.30-13.30: Fertiliser inhibitors for improved nutrient use efficiency (sponsored by OMEX)

Crop assurance rules will require the use of inhibitors with urea fertilisers after 1st April 2024 to mitigate atmospheric pollution. Beyond the environmental benefits do fertiliser inhibitors deliver economic benefits to growers, and where and when should they be used?


David Booty, Technical Director, OMEX

Stewart Sinclair, Independent Agronomist, Hampshire Arable Systems

14.00- 15.00: Agricultural robotics – farmer experiences

An insight into why Home Farm Nacton took the decision to introduce robotics onto the farm and the challenges, successes and otherwise that have followed.


Andrew Williams, Advisor, Home Farm Nacton

Seminar sponsor


Manufacturers and suppliers of the Nitroflo range of sustainable liquid nitrogen plus sulphur fertilisers and the new Multiflo range of liquid compound fertilisers for farmer application, offering accurate and targeted crop nutrition.  Products are supported with SAP crop monitoring and foliar speciality products.