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Main sponsor


Founded in 1955 by Heinrich and Friedrich Köckerling in Verl, East Westphalia, the Köckerling Agricultural Machinery Factory stems from a long line of family expertise in agricultural equipment. Originally a blacksmith’s shop, the company transitioned to industrial production over 65 years ago, pioneering the manufacturing of tillage machines. While initially focused on seedbed combinations and hoeing machines, the past three decades have seen a specialisation in ploughless tillage equipment. This evolution has been guided by a commitment to practicality, forged through continuous dialogue with farmers. With a blend of traditional craftsmanship, extensive experience in soil cultivation, and a penchant for innovation, Köckerling is poised for a promising future.

Auction Sponsor

Symonds & Sampson

Symonds & Sampson’s team of dedicated auctioneers have been conducting sales of plant and machinery, livestock, fodder and straw since 1858. We hold sales across the entire south and west of England, attracting buyers from the entire UK and beyond.